Abrams Development Group


Columbia 100 Office Park
Plaza 100
Signature Centre
Crestpointe I Corporate Center
7055 Samuel Morse Drive
7065 Samuel Morse Drive
7075 Samuel Morse Drive
7085 Samuel Morse Drive
7095 Samuel Morse Drive
Crestpointe II Corporate Center
7070 Samuel Morse Drive
7080 Samuel Morse Drive
Crestpointe III Corporate Center
7090 Samuel Morse Drive
7110 Samuel Morse Drive
7120 Samuel Morse Drive
Eastridge Corporate Center
6811 Benjamin Franklin Drive
6821 Benjamin Franklin Drive
6831 Benjamin Franklin Drive
Gateway Crossing Business Park
7151 Columbia Gateway Drive
7155 Columbia Gateway Drive
7161 Columbia Gateway Drive
7165 Columbia Gateway Drive
7175 Columbia Gateway Drive
Hillcroft Professional Center
Hillcroft Professional Center
Lee Deforest Corporate Center
7221 Lee Deforest Road
7223 Lee Deforest Road
7225 Lee Deforest Road
7227 Lee Deforest Road
7031-7035 Albert Einstein Drive
Robert Fulton Corporate Center
8601 Robert Fulton Drive
Shopping Center
Columbia Crossing III
Frederick Crossing Shopping Center
Snowden Commons
5850 Waterloo Road
Westridge Corporate Center
6990 Columbia Gateway Drive
6992 Columbia Gateway Drive
6994 Columbia Gateway Drive
6996 Columbia Gateway Drive
Hunt Valley
The Highlands
950 Ridgebrook Road
952 Ridgebrook Road
954 Ridgebrook Road
Westview Commons I
7190 Crestwood Boulevard
7196 Crestwood Boulevard
Westview South I
4991 New Design Road
6951 Executive Way
Westview South II
Westview South II
Westview South III
Westview South III
Business Center at Owings Mills
Centre 1000
Deereco One
Deereco One
Rossville Blvd. & Fitch Avenue
Rossville Centre
Clock Tower Place
Clock Tower Place

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